How To Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word Offline/Online 2020

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How To Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word Offline/Online 2020 – Full Details:– Hi Friends, As you know, in today’s time, the Internet has made many things easier, but even today many people are unable to take advantage of the Internet due to not being educated.

There are many people among these people who have trouble typing because those people do not understand the keyboard of the smartphone. So for such people, Voice Typing is a very good option, with the help of which, any person can easily communicate his words to others.

Voice typing is not only a good option for those people who are less educated, but it works for the educated person as much as it is for the Less educated people Because, through voice typing, You can write a large paragraph in a very short time.

So if you are also included in who Indian users, which use MS Word & other software for office work, You have trouble typing. And if you want to know how to use Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word & other Software offline.

Here we will be going to talk in detail on how to use Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word online and offline. Here we will not only know about Hindi voice typing in MS Word but also know how to use Hindi voice typing in other apps and software.

How To Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word Offline/Online
How To Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word Offline/Online

What is Voice Typing?

Voice typing is a simple and good option for typing, because in voice typing, instead of typing those words with your hand, you have to speak that word on the mic of your phone, which you want to type on the keyboard of your phone or pc. This means that you just have to speak those words very quickly and those words will be typed in your phone or your computer/laptop.

How To Hindi Voice Typing In MS Word Offline/Online?

1. How Do Online Voice Typing?

If you have to do voice typing online then there are many free tools and websites for this, including websites like Google Voice Typing and Spichnote, which help you in online voice typing. These both website is worlds most used websites in voice typing.

So Now let’s know how to use Google Voice Typing and Spichnote to Online Voice Typing.

  1. First of all, Visit on Google Docs Website.
  2. Now login with your Gmail Account.
  3. Select Blank Documents.
  4. Now Go to the Tools Option, which you can see on top.
  5. After then, Select Voice typing and click them.
  6. Now Click on Mic Icon and Click on Allows.
  7. Just now speak any word, which you want to type.
  8. After complete, You can save this file as an MS Word File.

2. How Do Offline Voice Typing?

If you do not have an internet pack, due to which you want to do voice typing without the internet, then it is not too much work, because today there is much such software available, which makes offline voice typing easier.

If you want to do Voice Typing without any tool, then it is also possible, for this you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First Of all, Go To Control Penal on your computer/laptop.
  • Now Search the Speech Recognition in Search Box.
  • Just Click on Speech Recognition.
  • After the click, Select the Start Speech Recognition option.
  • Now select the next button and complete all steps.
  • Now You will see MIC Icon.
  • After which, Now Open the MS Word.
  • Turn On Speech Recognition.
  • Now You can start talking.
Final Word –

So This way You can use Online Voice Typing / Offline Voice Typing in MS Word without any problem. So I hope you like this article/post, If yes then you can share it with your friends and others on Facebook or other platforms.

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