How To Convert Image To PDF File Online In Mobile or Pc 2020

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How To Convert Image To PDF File Online In Mobile or Pc 2020 Full Process, Convert Image To PDF File app download for free, how to make a pdf file from image/photo:- Hi Friends, As you all know that some time before today it was very difficult for any document, photo, book or some important paper to reach elsewhere, because we had to use couriers to complete this work. Or we had to go to that which place, in which a lot of our money and time used to have wasted.

But now in the era of this internet, these tasks have become very easy, because in today’s time, anyone can easily send their required documents to any place, for which, the person sending only mobile phone and Internet access It falls.

So now here I want to tell you that to share any important documents like photos, books or some important papers then The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popular options for you to send files.

So if you want to know how to send PDF File, How to Make PDF file, or How to Convert Image To PDF ( Text To PDF, Jpg to PDF, PNG to PDF, Gif to PDF file ) Then here I will be going to share full details related to these all topics. So Continue reading this article to know.

How To Convert Image To PDF File Online
How To Convert Image To PDF File Online

How To Convert Image To PDF File Online?

If You have some Images in jpg formates, which you want to send any other person. then you have already known that if you have many images then you can facing any problem sending it. If you are facing any problem then you can convert your images ( JPG ) To PDF Formate and send it easily, Because PDF Formate achieving a smaller file size.

  1. Firstly Go to Website.
  2. Now select Image to PDF.
  3. Just Now select JPG to PDF.
  4. Next, Choose the File that you want to convert.
  5. Wait for the file to upload.
  6. Once uploaded, click on the Convert option/button.
  7. Now Can you download it file.

How To Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 & Mac computer offline?

  1. First JPG file and Open it.
  2. Once Open Image select the Print Option that show on top.
  3. Now Just Select “Microsoft to PDF” Option in Printer option.
  4. Just Select Size, which you want set.
  5. Now click on Print Button.
  6. After then, Set File name.

How To Convert JPG to PDF on Android & ios Phones?

  1. First Go to gallery and Open JPG Image.
  2. Now select More Option.
  3. Just Select Print or Export to PDF Option.
  4. Select Save as PDF in Dropdown option.
  5. Just Click on save Icon.
  6. Go to drive list and select an google Drive Account.
  7. Now Click on Save Button.

Jpg to pdf converter Apps-

Not only online or offline way to convert Jpg to pdf, rather many option available at this time, in which included mobile application through which you can convert JPG formate to PDF File in one click.

If you want to download Jpg to pdf converter Apk on your phone then a lot of Jpg to pdf converter apps available on the play store and apple store for both android and ios mobile phones, But below I will provide some best apps that help you convert JPG image to PDF file online and Free. So let’s Start.

  1. File Converter App.
  2. PDF Photos App.
  3. JPG to PDF Converter Free App.
  4. Readdle PDF Converter app.
  5. To PDF App download.

So This is both 5 apps is a one of most popular mobile apps in the word to convert Jpg to pdf file. If you want to download any of these then you can download it by play store or apple store in free.

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