Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020 For Android, ios & Pc – Full Details

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Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020 For Android, ios & Pc, Top Free Pregnancy Testing Apps 2020 for android, iPhone and pc, best Free pregnancy app India, UK, US:- Hi Friends, If you are an Indian, then you must know that some time ago, pregnancy testing was not a simple task, because for this you had to make many trips to the hospital, but technology has gradually made it very easy. This is the reason In today’s time, you can find out whether you are pregnant or not at your home through a pregnancy testing kit.

If we talk more about technology then in today’s time the technology has developed so much that with the help of this, any ladies can detect its pregnancy only with the help of his phone. for which, he only needs to install a mobile app on his phone, which is very easy.

So if you are ladies and you have a doubt about pregnancy then today here I will be going to tell about you Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020 for android that helps you to check your Pregnancy report online in few minutes.

These apps will prove to be a boon for those women who are currently in their personal relationships and want to hide their pregnancy. Or if you are a married woman, then you can know about your pregnancy without wasting your time.

So now I will be going to share with you 5 treated free pregnancy testing apps, which you can download and use to test your pregnancy at their home. So Let’s start.

Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020
Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020

Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020 For Android & ios-

  1. Pregnancy App – Pregnancy Week By Week.
  2. Pregnancy+ app.
  3. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app.
  4. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker app.
  5. Pregnancy Tracker App.

1. Pregnancy App – Pregnancy Week By Week-

The Pregnancy App – Pregnancy Week By Week is one of the best Pregnancy testing Apps for both android and ios mobile application that offers some important option and features such as track your pregnancy week by week, get information about your baby, calculate the current week of pregnancy, calculate due date (pregnancy date), track your weight, track baby kicks and make notes with your pregnancy symptoms.

Download Pregnancy App – Pregnancy Week By Week From Play Store

2. Pregnancy+ app-

Next on this list is the Pregnancy + app, which is a very famous app, as this app has been downloaded by more than 30 million users so far, through which they follow their pregnancy every week.

If we talk about its features, then the pregnancy+ app offers a lot of useful features in which included DAILY pregnancy info, Color, and Scan images, Personal Diary, Pregnancy Weight log, Doc Visit log, Diet, exercise and labor info, Kick Counter, Contraction Timer, Baby Shopping list, 1000s of Baby names, Baby Size Visualizer and more.

Download Pregnancy+ app From Play Store

3. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app-

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker is another powerful tracker of our best Pregnancy apps list that will help not only track Pregnancy, rather it allows daily updates, tons of tips and tricks for dealing with pregnancy, and a lot of ideas for choosing names.

Not only these, rather BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app offers some important features that only get you in this app like Ovulation Calculator & Calendar, Baby Due Date Calculator, Articles and advice about preparing, Contraction Timer, Baby Kick Counter, Baby Registry Checklist, Baby Names Finder and others features, which helps you to prepare to get pregnant.

Download BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app From Play Store

4. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker app-

So Freinds now I will be going to tell about the 4th number Pregnancy Tracker app of our this list called The Bump Pregnancy Tracker app, Which has so far been downloaded 1,000,000+ more times through Google Play Store.

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker app is an absolutely free mobile application that offers many different features from other apps like


Download The Bump Pregnancy Tracker app By Play Store

5. Pregnancy Tracker App-

So finally the Pregnancy Tracker App is the last mobile app in our Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps 2020 For Android & ios, But It comes to number five on our list, it does not mean that it is not good. This pregnancy tracker app launched by the world’s most trusted pregnancy brand What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which is a trusted company.

The Pregnancy & Baby Tracker also provides a lot of usefully features for users in free of cost like the

  • Personalized pregnancy tracker.
  • 15,000+ medically accurate articles.
  • Week-by-week development info.
  • Daily tips.
  • Pregnancy videos every week.
  • Personalized Baby Registry checklist.
  • Best baby products to buy.
  • You can search for answers for your pregnancy questions.

Download Pregnancy Tracker App From Play Store

Final Words-

There are a lot of Free Pregnancy tracker/testing Apps in the apps store for android & ios phones, In this post, I have shared with you the Free 5 Best Pregnancy Apps that help you to track your Pregnancy. If you want to download any of these apps then you can download by visiting the play store or by clicking the above link.

If You are not Indian then don’t worry you can download these apps ( Pregnancy App – Pregnancy Week By Week, Pregnancy+ app, BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app, The Bump Pregnancy Tracker app, Pregnancy Tracker App ) from / in India, US, Australia, Indonesia, Uk, Srilanka, Pakistan and other countries.

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