5 Best Scanner Apps 2020 For Android & iPhone Mobile – Full Details

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5 Best Scanner Apps Of 2020 For Android & iPhone Mobile phone, Pc ( computer ), top free scanning apps for android & Pc:- Hi Friends, As you know, some time before today, scanning a document was involved in a hard work, Because for this we had to go out of home and spend money. But after the arrival of mobile phones, phones have made many of our difficult tasks easier, Which includes scanning any important documents such as Aadhar card, Voter Id, driving license, Photo & Any others.

If we talk about Scanner Apps for mobile phones, we will find that a lot of documents scanning mobile apps available on both google play store and apple store for android & ios devices.

But we all know that in all these apps, there will be only a few such apps that work properly and which will meet our needs. So In today’s article, I will be going to share with you 5 top Scanner Apps Of 2020 that provides you most useful features for Scanning photo and other documents easily.

5 Best free scanning apps for android & Pc
5 Best free scanning apps for android & Pc

5 Best Scanner Apps Of 2020 For Android & iPhone-

  1. Adobe Scan App.
  2. G Drive Scanner App.
  3. Photo Scan by Google App.
  4. Microsoft Office Lens App.
  5. Document Scanner App.

1. Adobe Scan App-

The Adobe Scan app is a free android mobile app that comes at the top number in our list of 5 Best Scanner Apps For Android & iPhone, Because Adobe scan app is the only mobile app among all scanner apps, which provides the most useful features including a PDF scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR).

Along with, The Adobe Scan Free apk / app allows scanning of anything — Such as receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards, and other documents, Means you can scan your any of these by one click. If you want to download it then you can download/install Adobe Scan App for android, ios and Pc by play store.

Download Adobe Scan App From Play Store

2. G- Drive App-

The next number in this list is such a mobile app that is very easy to use and you do not need to download this app, because this app will already be installed on your phone, are did you understand that app am i talking about. If not, I am talking about the Google Drive scan app for android.

So Google Drive is a Google product then definitely it’s very secure, With the help of which you can scan documents, store and access your files anywhere, Share File, Download any uploaded file, and many others.

Download G- Drive App From Play Store 

3. Photo Scan by Google App-

The Photo Scan by Google App is third in the list of best scan apps launched by Google LLC for Android and iPhone mobiles. The Photo Scan by Google App also helps you to scan & save your photos using your phone’s camera.

This is a free Scanner App for mobile phone and computer that provides pro features like glare-free scans, glare-free scans, Straight, rectangular scans with perspective correction, and Smart rotation. If you thinking to download it then you can Photo Scan by Google App for android and iPhone mobile by play store or apple store.

Download Photo Scan by Google App From Play store

4. Microsoft Office Lens App- PDF Scanner-

If you are looking for an app that can help you do some other work besides scanning the document, then Microsoft Office Lens is going to be the best option for you. Under this app, you can easily scan any of your documents, business cards, and whiteboard images.

Not only a scan, Microsoft Office Lens app allows you to convert images to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote,  OneDrive, or your local device. If you are android or pc users then you can download Microsoft Office Lens App on your device.

Download Microsoft Office Lens App- PDF Scanner From Play Store

5. Document Scanner App-

If we talk about the next upcoming mobile app called Document Scanner App, then this is the fifth of our list, but even though it is on the fifth number, but in this app, you get more useful options and features than other apps.

Document Scanner App offers many of pro-level features in free in which included Scan your document, scan quality automatically/Manually, Share PDF/JPEG files, Print and fax the scanned doc, Scan QR Code/Bar-code, Create QR Code, Share scanned QR Code and create PDF in different sizes.

Download Document Scanner App From Play store

Note – I hope you will like these 5 Best Scanner Apps 2020 list For Android & iPhone.

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